Tea Ware

Belleek Aberdeen Tea Ware


Belleek Aberdeen Tea Ware. Proably named after James Cambell Hamilton Gordon, 7th Earl & Marquis of Aberdeen, Vicroy of ireland in 1886. his wife , Lady berdeen was a promoter of the Arts.
Colour ways: Plain white with cob highlights and blue trim.
Period 2nd 

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Belleek Artichoke Tea Ware

artichoke_main_1Belleek Artichoke Tea Ware. Mrs Armstrong, wife of Robert William Armstrong, one of the founders and the first Manager of the Potter, is credited for the design of this set.
Colour Ways: White, white with gilding. green with gilding, white with pink highlights and gilted.
Period 1st and 2nd period

Belleek Blarney Tea Ware

blarney_main1Belleek Blarney Tea Ware. Modelled by Frederick Slater, probably named after Castle Blarney. To this day people flock to kiss the Blarney Stone hoping for the gift of speech! 
Color Ways:  white, light pink trim green trim.
Period 2nd. 


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Belleek Celtic Tea Ware

celtic_mainBelleek Celtic Tea Ware. Madam Boroniuxz, a Hungarian, worked at the pottery under E'Loyd 1920-1926. Referring to the books of Kells, she adapted the illustrations to form these Celtic patterns, Four shaes were used for decoration- Ring-handle blanks and three new designs called Low, tall Celtic and the Three Leg pot. All four are quite different.



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Belleek Chinese Tea Ware


Belleek Chinese Tea Ware. Boutique exhibited this set at the Dublin Exhibition Tatian in 1872 the Pottery's 1st major exhibition. A very different design to their normal range but not practical -  the T would be called before reaching the lips.
Color Ways:  White, white and gilded and exceptional colors.
 Periods 1st period, reintroduced  1991 as collectors piece. 





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Belleek Cone Tea Ware


Belleek Cone Tea Ware. A fir pattern is impressed on the tray and the finial on the teapot represents small fir cones.
Color range plane, or green, pink, and butterscotch.
Periods 1st, 2nd 





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Belleek Echinus Tea Ware


Belleek Echinus Tea Ware. Pronounonced (E-k-inus). The name is derived from the Greek ekhinos  meaning - hedgehog skin. Echinus Demotter  is the proper name for the see urchin upon which this design by Mrs. Annie Langley Narine (FRS)  is based. The real see creature has 5 radii. Belleek's deviation sometimes has six. Queen  Victoria ordered one of these tea sets for herself and another to give as a present to the Empress of Germany.

Belleek Erne Tea Ware

erne_main_1Belleek Erne Tea Ware. Named after the lake and the river Erne upon which the pottery is situated.
Color Ways: White, white and cob, green tinge, and pink tinge.
Period 2nd period only 


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Belleek Fan Tea Ware

fan_main_1Belleek Fan Tea Ware.
Colour Ways: White, cob, and assorted colors. 
Periods 1st and 2nd period and reintroduced in the arcive collection. 



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Belleek Finner Tea Ware

finner_main_1Belleek Finner Tea Ware. Named after one of the Townlands in which the town of Belleek lies. Finner translated from gaelic means 'Fair Plain'.
Periods 2nd and reintroduced in the Archive Collection.



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Belleek Five O'clock Tea Ware

Belleek Five O'clock tea Ware. Designed by harris. the handle is shaped as 5 o'clocl.
Colour Ways: Green, white, pink.
Periods: 2nd and reintroduced around 2005  


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Belleek Grass Tea Ware

grasses_mainBelleek Grass Tea Ware. Another of Belleek's most popular sets. When building up sets care must be taken to the colors as the vary considerably. Mainly found in the first period, but also found in most other periods, but later reintroduced as a limited edition collectors tea set along with the tray around 2000.


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Belleek Harp Shamrock Tea Ware


Belleek Harp Shamrock Tea Ware. 
Periods: 2nd and most period after up into the 2000 


Belleek Hexagon Tea Ware


hexagon_mainBelleek Hexagon Tea Ware. The plain shape of this set lends itself to the artists brush so hexagon blanks were often used for the pattern sets.
Color Ways: Colour tints to be found: gold, green, pink, cob, and butterscotch.
Period 2nd period. 

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Belleek High Lilly Tea Ware

Belleek High Lilly Tea Ware. Belleek High Lilly not to be confused with Belleek Low Lilly. 

Color Ways: White, green, pink.
Period 1st 2nd.


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Belleek Institute Tea Ware

Belleek Institute Tea Ware

Belleek Ivy Tea Ware

ivy_mainBelleek Ivy Tea Ware
Colour Ways: Ivy leaves highlighted with (early pink) cob or green.
Periods 1st and 3rd 


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Belleek Lace Tea Ware

Belleek Lace Tea Ware. A very decorative pattern lending itself to many combinations of decoration. Fredrick Slatter redesigned this set in the 1900's.
Colour Ways: white, pink, green, as well as having gilt.
Periods 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and reinterduced around 2005. only one tea kettle has ever been found in this pattern, and it was highly decorated and is pictured below. 


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Belleek Limpet Tea Ware


limpet_no_foot_mainBelleek Limpet Tea Ware. A very popular design based upon the sea limper and which was produced during most period. The pieces were footed in earlier sets but Frederick Slater re-midelled the design in the early 1900's and took away the feet.
Color Ways; White, green, pink, and several unique styles as well
Periods; made in post all period even up to today. 

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Belleek Low Lilly Tea Ware

Belleek Low Lilly Tea Ware


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Belleek Mask Tea Ware

mask_mainBelleek Mask Tea Ware. The chubby, laughing face seen in the design represents Bacchus, the noisy and riotus god of wine; hence the vine leaves and grapes incorporated into the rest of the design.
Color Ways; White, cob, green,pink, butterscotch and coloured.
Period 2nd and most all other periods.


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Belleek Neptune Tea Ware

neptuneBelleek Neptune Tea Ware. This design is named after Neptune was Lord of the Seas, aptly so as it incorporaqtes several sea shells. Figured are the Common Limper, and the Blue rayed Limpet and the Scallop with Coral for a handle and Small Pond Snail shells for feet.
Color Ways: White, cob, green, pink, butterscotch and coloured.
Periods 2nd and all other periods. 


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Belleek New Shell Tea Ware

Belleek New Shell Tea Ware

Belleek Scroll Tea Ware

scroll_main_1Belleek Scroll Tea Ware.
Color Ways: Green, pink.

Period 2nd period. 


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Belleek Shamrock Tea Ware

shamrockBelleek Shamrock Tea Ware, is the most produced by the pottery. The pattern has been made for close to 150 years.
Color Ways: came standard solors but unique variations have been found. 


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Belleek Shell Tea Ware

shell_main_1Belleek Shell Tea Ware. Designed using a mixtune of shells and coral. like the limpet servies the earler pieces were footed, but re-modelled by Frederick Salter.
Color Ways: White, pink, pink and gold, and several other ways
Periods 1st and others, later periods were footless. 


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Belleek Sydney Tea Ware

sydney_main_1Belleek Sydney Tea Ware.
Color Ways: Green,pink.

Period 2nd 


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Belleek Thistle Tea Ware


Belleek Thistle Tea Ware.
Colour Ways: white, pink, trim.
Periods 1st period and reintroduced in the 7th period. 


Belleek Thorn Tea Ware


Belleek Thorn Tea Ware. The Thorn pattern is based on a branch of the Hawthorn in blossom combined with a spider's web. Registered at the Patent office on 27 April, 1878 giving Belleek copyright for thee years.
Color Ways: many differnt styles.
Period 2nd and some pieces were made again in the 7th 

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Belleek Tridacna Tea Ware


tridacnia_main2Belleek Tridacna Tea Ware. Tridacna is one of the pottery's longest made tea wear patterns. It came in many different designs.
Color Ways; White, cob, pink, blue, butterscotch, green, and several other custom ways as well.
Periods 1st through most still made in the last few years as well. 

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Belleek Victoria Tea Ware

victoria_mainBelleek Victoria Tea Ware. Made in the 2nd period. came in white, pink, green.